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A Trek to the Final Frontier

SELF: The Final Frontier is a series of discussions of a framework for leadership readiness aimed to raise individual and collective awareness of our own coming into being-- a continuous process of change, beginning, and evolving.

There's absolutely nothing any of us can do to avoid or influence the order of this natural process.  All there is to do is "LEVEL UP" our capacity to lead our own lives.

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SELF InfrastructureDeborah Nicholson
00:00 / 31:19


Systemic ThinkingDeborah Nicholson
00:00 / 32:23
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Human Relations Readiness

Episode 3 Music & intro_outroDeborah Nicholson
00:00 / 08:45

Change & Quality Improvement

Change & Quality Improvement ReadinessDeborah Nicholson
00:00 / 15:51
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Change & Quality Improvement

Episode 5 Music & Intro_OutroDeborah Nicholson
00:00 / 15:04
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