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S.E.L.F. - Genesis

Our Services

Presented in various formats, SELF-Genesis™ Connecting the Power Within engages participants in a ‘planned change process’ to adapt, align, and apply the framework to address the felt need for change or improvement identified from within.  We work with clients to customize the scope and process for engagement that builds upon current knowledge and skills, and best aligns with and complements current interactions and time constraints.   


The framework has grounded the design of workshops, training / technical assistance and consultation services that have engaged more than 1500 people in the SELF-Genesis experience in areas including:


        Personal & Professional Development                                            Conflict Management & Utilization

Program Development                                                                   Cultural Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Team Development                                                                       Youth Development

Family Support & Development                                                    Continuous Quality Improvement

Community Engagement for Change & Transformation                Collaboration & Coalition Building

Improving Worker & Customer Experiences


Satisfaction surveys and evaluations from participants have consistently rated at 90+ percentile for effectiveness and relevance of application in the workplace and life.  Some feedback:


  • Wonderful workshop!  Very fulfilling and useful!

  • For the first time in many years of trainings, the “group” projects were applicable and I learned from them!  This was great!

  • I really enjoyed this class.  This information will be helpful in communicating with others on and off the job, and in understanding myself more. Thanks, Deborah!

  • My only regret is that the workshop was not continued into at least another day.  It was very informative and so interesting.

  • The exercises working in groups will help me be a better team player.

  • Excellent in making information applicable to individual jobs and experience.

  • Deborah was very good in relating to our needs/goals.  She has been the best trainer we have had.

  • She was, “Herself.”

  • This is the first training that I’ve attended in which the trainer related her information to my job.  It’s amazing how she understands us and our jobs.  All the material was excellent, as well as the presenter.

  • Trainer’s (excellent) knowledge of subject; (showed) openness.

  • (Shared) understanding how to “expand” to relate to others better.  Everyone has differences coming from different backgrounds.

  • Complete information on SELF/SELF viewing; motivators and influences were good information.

  • Deborah was a wonderful, exuberant, and humorous facilitator.  She is very confident and knowledgeable about SELF-Genesis™.  I didn’t even get sleepy or bored.

  • The whole class was very interesting in how you see yourself, the interactions in dealing with others, and how you should look at the whole picture -- not some of the picture.

  • I really enjoyed this class.  This information will be helpful in communicating with others on and off the job -- and to understand myself more.  Thanks, Deborah, you really made the session significantly interesting and entertaining.  Continue the excellent job you are doing.

  • The class as a whole was good; Deborah has great people skills and a real talent for communication.  I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the class.

  • (There was) directness and trust in which trainees spoke with trainer throughout the entire day; learning areas (were) effective due to frankness with all participants.

  • All information provided was of great significance to me for my job and myself.



Our Clients

Annie E. Casey Foundation - Atlanta Civic Site

The Center for the Study of Social Policy

The Center for Working Families, Inc.

Georgia Children’s Initiative / The Family Connection

Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

Georgia Communities In Schools

Martin L. King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative

Morehouse School of Medicine - Community Health Promotion Resource Center

Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association

United Way of Greater Atlanta

United Way Greenville County, South Carolina



Health and Human Services

City of Atlanta, Office of Human Services

Fulton County Community Action Agency

Georgia Division of Public Health Adolescent Health & Youth Development Workers (State & Local)

Georgia Division of Public Health-Family Health Branch, Prevention Services Branch

Georgia Division of Family & Children Services-Right from the Start Medicaid

Georgia Division of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Addictive Diseases

Georgia Emergency Services, Children & Families Division

Georgia Department of Corrections

Georgia Department of Human Relations

Georgia Governor’s Office of Human Resources

Georgia Community Action Agencies

WIC (Women, Infants & Children

Montgomery County (Maryland) Department of Health & Human Services

Richmond-Columbia County (Georgia) Health Department –Adolescent Health & Youth Development

Virgin Islands Department of Health-Maternal & Child Health

WIC (Women, Infants & Children)


Atlanta Public Schools System

Bibb County (Georgia) School System

Conflict Resolution Academy-Advanced Mediation Training Program for Federal Agencies

Crossroads Alternative Schools

DeKalb County (Georgia) School System

Georgia Commission on the Holocaust- Summer Institute for Educators

Georgia Department of Education

  • Academic Learn & Serve Program Conference

  • Guidance Counselors Summer Institute

  • School Psychologists

Stewart County (Georgia) School System

Troup County (Georgia) Alternative School

Worth County (Georgia) Alternative School


Contact Information

Deborah Nicholson, Principal & CEO

People-to-People Enterprises, Inc. or


[†] Adapted from Chinese Proverb

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