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S.E.L.F. - Genesis

About Us

If you want a YEAR of prosperity, grow grain.

If you want a DECADE of prosperity, grow trees.

If you want a LIFETIME of prosperity, grow LEADERS.1




We are settling into this new millennium faced with an influx of social, political, ethnic, economic, faith, technological, and cultural diversity to a degree not experienced by previous generations.  Increasingly, we are challenged to develop strategies to address the impact of this extraordinary combination of fundamental changes in every aspect of our interactions as individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, societal and globally. 


The capacity to navigate the current reality to inform and shape the future requires a high level of readiness to more effectively respond to these and other challenges in our environments(s) that impacts our ability to continuously improve and sustain high quality interactions that leads to high quality results.   


Readiness is a Leadership Issue. Leadership is an Issue for Everyone.  


How Well Can You RESPOND?

People-to-People Enterprises, Inc. provides consultation, technical assistance, and training services that focus on increasing readiness to continuously align mission requirements with human needs to collectively move toward fulfillment of vision.  This alignment views readiness through a prism of shared leadership that engages everyone in processes and practices that facilitate ownership for collective accountability to achieve effective and sustainable results. 


For over 30 years, People-to-People has assisted a wide variety of non-profit, public, federal, state and local government service providers, community-based, civic engagement, collaborative partnerships, social justice, and faith-based organizations in developing individual and collective leadership readiness as a strategic process, practice, and philosophy.



Most human interaction is over-managed and under-led, with leadership reserved for designated roles, jobs, titles, and places in relationships.  Our SELF-Genesis™ Connecting the Power Within Leadership  approach is based on the premise that everyone leads from where they are in the relationship – providing a common framework to continuously build the individual and collective readiness in four inextricably linked areas that contribute to sustainable results: 


  • Systemic Thinking - interactions of the parts of the whole.

  • Human Relations - interactions within, between and among individuals and groups of people.

  • Change and Quality Improvement - interactions between practices, programs, policies, processes, functions, and performance.

  • Leadership - quality of the systemic and human interactions required for sustainable change/quality improvement.


When applied, these timeless and transferable readiness competencies increase the ability to identify and address the chronic underlying issues of people relating to people and its effect on performance, productivity, and effectiveness.  The result is powerful interactions that facilitates an expanded sense of self and the internal leadership readiness to more effectively respond to the continuous challenge of change to collectively move beyond self-awareness and self-improvement toward self-fulfillment of a shared vision. 


[1] Adapted from Chinese Proverb

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